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Automatic Instant Noodle Production Line

Instant noodles are the most popular noodle products in the market. No matter it is taste, convenience, long shelf life & reasonable price, it has been recognized by people all over the world. The instant noodle manufacturing process is mixing, compounding, continuous pressing, steaming, cutting and folding, seasoning, frying, and then cooling. The steaming time is about 120 seconds. The steam heat source is produced through the boiler. The noodles are steamed, and the waving noodles can be shaped. ; Before entering the frying, the customers can choose whether to make the noodles preliminary seasoning or tasting. In order to make the aroma and flavor of noodles better, you can use falling device or spraying device to add the seasoning or sauce on the noodles. ; The frying temperature is controlled around 160~170°C. The frying time is about 100~120 seconds. During deep frying, the water content of noodles will be dehydrated instantly at high temperature environment. ; The cooling time is about 180 seconds, and the noodles which after frying will be cooled down the temperature while doing cooling. So that the noodles can enter the packaging equipment directly. In addition, after the noodles are fried at high temperature, the water content of noodles is about 3% to 5%. After the noodle is packed with film in roll and 3 side sealed pillow pack, it can be stored for about 6 months. After frying the noodles, the noodles will create numerous porosities. So that when cooking, hot water can quickly penetrate these porosities and soften the noodles. Then, you can eat the noodles only in few minutes. This is the convenience way of instant noodles.
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