About Kuo Chang Machinery Co


Kuo Chang Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1967. Since its establishment, Kuo Chang Co. has been dedicating to design and manufacture the Noodle Making Machines.

Kuo Chang Co. has the professional experience in Noodle Making Machines and most important of all, we listen to our customers carefully. As a result, the Kuo Chang Co. Noodle Making Machines provide our customers to achieve a maximum output with the minimum labor input. As we have been emphasizing on the quality of our machines, Kuo Chang Co. will continually provide the best performance, modern style and productiveness for our Noodle Making Machines and therefore make our customers achieve the profitability. Those are the reasons why lots of well-known Food Manufacturers are using Kuo Chang Co. Noodle Making Machines.

In an attempt to achieve the goal of providing the highest standard and best quality of Noodle Making Machines, we have been utilizing the latest computer equipment and software in designing the machines. A setup network system is used starting from machine design to CNC automatic precision process.

In some cases, our customers may need to do some modification for the machines to further maximize the output, Kuo Chang Co. will listen to the customers thoroughly as usual, understand their needs and then satisfy them with the best quality.


Kuo Chang Co. has the qualification of ISO 9001 approved in 2000.


In 2003, due to the noodle marketing trend, we evolve national advanced technology and successfully design the Automatic Water-Cook Noodle Making Production Line.
Kuo Chang Co. will continue to produce the high technical and high efficient Noodle Making Machines. Also, our team will continually strive for the quality improvement in the conduct of our business. We look forward to the pleasure of serving you in the future.