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Automatic Dried Noodle (Stick) Production Line

The dried noodle (stick) manufacturing process is mixing, compounding, continuous pressing and hanging noodle automatically. There are two types drying. One is the operator pushes the noodle cart to dryer room. The other is fully automatic trolley type drying device. We design Normal Flour Mixer to mix flour and other formula. Firstly, mixing dry powder about one minute. Then, adding alkaline water to the mixer automatically. After completely mixing, the bottom of the tank will open to discharge the dough to Dough Inputting Controller automatically. Dough dropped into the Compound Pressing Machine to produce dough sheet to make dough sheet more flat and solid. The operation way of Continuous Pressing Roller is to press and stretch the dough sheet which from Compound Pressing Machine. Step by step, the dough sheet from thick to thin. After being pressed and stretched continuously, the gluten in the dough becomes stronger. The final section of Continuous Pressing Roller is with slicer. Using slicer to cut the dough sheet to become noodles. Then, cutting the noodle and hanging up the noodle on the bar through Hang Up Noodle Machine. Until the number of noodles on the bar is reached, the machine will automatically be taken off the shelf. At the same time, the operator can push the noodle cart to dryer room.
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