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Automatic Cooked Noodle Production Line

The cooked noodle manufacturing process is mixing, compounding, continuous pressing, cutting and water cook/water wash. We design Vacuum Flour Mixer to mix flour and other formula. Firstly, the internal air of the mixer tank is evacuated, and mixing dry powder about one minute. Then, adding alkaline water to the mixer and mixing about 15-20 minutes with high/low speed. After completely mixing, the tank will turn down 180° to discharge the dough to Dough Inputting Controller automatically. Because the air in the mixer has been evacuated, the dough after mixing will be more solid. Dough dropped into the Compound Pressing Machine to produce dough sheet to make dough sheet more flat and solid. The operation way of Continuous Pressing Roller is to press and stretch the dough sheet which from Compound Pressing Machine. Step by step, the dough sheet from thick to thin. After being pressed and stretched continuously, the gluten in the dough becomes stronger. The final section of Continuous Pressing Roller is with slicer. Using slicer to cut the dough sheet to become noodles. Then, cutting the specified noodle length by the customer quantitatively. Noodles will drop into the noodle box for cooking directly. The water inside of cook machine is about 100℃. According to different products, the cooking times is different, too. For example, ramen with width 1.8mm and it needs 2 mins to cook, udon with width 3.75mm and it needs 9-10 mins to cook. After cooking, noodle will drop into the noodle box for washing. Through normal water temperature 26-28℃ to wash off excess gluten and cool down the noodle temperature and pack directly.

In addition, for the cooked noodle are packed, you can also add Pasterilization Oven to pasterilization (through steam) and adjust sour value to extend the shelf life of the product.
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