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Automatic Cooked Noodle Production Line

  1. Making Processing:
    Mixer→Compound→Continuous Pressing→Water Cooked/Water Wash
    • Using Vacuum Flour Mixer to mix salt, water, flour and other formulas evenly.
    • Dough dropped into the Compound Pressing Machine to produce dough sheet and make it more flat and solid.
    • Passing the dough sheet to Continuous Pressing Roller to press from thick to thin.
    • The final roller with slicer to cut the dough sheet to become noodle strips.
    • Cutting the specified noodle length quantitatively. Noodles drop into the water cooked box to cook directly.
    • Then, noodles drop into the water wash box to wash off excess gluten and cool down the noodle temperature.
  2. Special Function:
    • Vacuum Flour Mixer:Operated by HMI interface. The final products will be more chewing after evacuating the air.
    • Roller:Each roller has independent motor, and using inverter to control speed.
    • Water Cook Machine:Indirect heating / Automatic temperature control. Hot water inside the tank and temperature cycle system.
    • Water Wash Machine:Three level cooling tanks
    • Safety Device:The mixer tank is equipped with anti-pinch device.;Each roller is equipped with the sensor to sensing dough passing; The whole machine is equipped with emergency stop button.
    • All product contact surface area is stainless steel or food grade material.
  3. Option:
    • Aging Room:Under constant temperature and humidity (24~27℃ / 80~90% RH), aging dough sheet about 20-30 minutes in order to extend the noodle elasticity.
    • Pasteurizaton Oven:Trough high temperature and steam to do pasteurizaton and adjust PH value to extend the shelf life
    • IQF:The noodles are evenly frozen, reducing the problem of surface cracks caused by uneven freezing.
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