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Noodle Making Machine. | Kuo Chang Co. has the professional experience in Noodle Making Machines and most important of all, we listen to our customers carefully.

Noodle Making Machine.


Are You In Search Of Noodle Making Machine?

Kuo Chang is a manufacturer of making high-quality and professional equipment. Kuo Chang will be your best choice
Our equipment can expand the production capacity and reduce personnel, cost and materials consumption.

We have provided various professional noodle making equipment 「Lye Mixer Tank, Lye-Measuring Tank, Vacuum Flour Mixer, Compound Pressing Machine, Continuous Pressing Roller, Steamer, Fryer Machine, Cooling Machine, Settle Machine, Wheat Flour Skin Machine, Water Cook / Wash Machine, Aging Room, Automatic Roll Noodles Machine, Dough Sheet Fold Device, Kneader Machine, KC-230 Fresh Noodle Making Machine, Snack Roll Machine, Turn Over Tank, 4-Doors Type Pasteurizaton Oven, Oversea Agent: Japan Toyo Packen CO., Ltd.」

If you share your ideas with us, we can make a proposal on all the equipment needed.
Please feel free to contact us!


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Noodle Aging Machine - Noodle Aging Machine.
Noodle Aging Machine

Noodle aging machine through aging to stretch the gluten and make them more elastic, the taste...

Dough Sheet Fold Device - Dough Sheet Fold Device.
Dough Sheet Fold Device

Dough sheet fold device can do straight line to fold, use for improve the gluten structure,...

Automatic Roll Noodles Machine - Automatic Roll Noodles Machine.
Automatic Roll Noodles Machine

The noodles rolling machine of Kuo Chang Machinery can roll the noodle very tidy and the noodle...

Fresh Noodle Making Machine - KC-230 Fresh Noodle Making Machine.
Fresh Noodle Making Machine

KC-230 Fresh Noodle Making Machine of Kuo Chang Machinery can be used for multiple purposes....

Snack Roll Machine - Snack Roll Machine.
Snack Roll Machine

The Snack Roll Machine of Kuo Chang Machinery can be used in all kinds of noodle production...

Pasteurizaton Oven - Pasteurizaton Oven
Pasteurizaton Oven

The Pasteurizaton Oven of Kuo Chang Machinery produces noodle with exclusive technology. Our...

Indirect Heating System - Indirect Heating System.
Indirect Heating System

The indirect heating system is made by japan, high efficiency and small size (spiral heat exchanger). If...

Dough Kneading Kneader Mixer Machine - Dough Kneading Kneader Mixer Machine.
Dough Kneading Kneader Mixer Machine

The Dough Kneading Kneader Mixer Machine of Kuo Chang Machinery can be used in various noodle...

Cooked Noodle Turn Over Tank - Cooked Noodle Turn Over Tank.
Cooked Noodle Turn Over Tank

The turn over tank for cooked noodle by Kuo Chang, all product contact surface area is stainless...

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Equipment | Professional-Grade Ramen Machines Manufacturer | KCMC

Located in Taiwan since 1967, Kuo Chang Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a noodle making machine manufacturer. Its main noodle making machines include, Equipment, ramen noodle production lines, udon noodle production lines, instant noodle production lines, commercial fresh noodle makers, etc. For companies looking to improve their noodle production process, invest in durability, and ensure consistent quality, Kuo Chang stands out as a leading and trusted choice in the industry.

KCMC has more than 20 years of professional experience in noodle making machines. Allow customers to mass-produce commodities at the most economical cost to supply the market, creating maximum profit space for operators. Therefore, the noodle making equipment produced by KCMC is well recognized and used by well-known food manufacturers at home and abroad.

KCMC has been providing customers with high-quality and advanced noodle-making equipment since 1967, with both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, KCMC ensures that each customer's requirements are met.