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Steamer | Kuo Chang Co. has the professional experience in Noodle Making Machines and most important of all, we listen to our customers carefully.

Steamer - Steamer.
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Steamer of Kuo Chang has one level / three level / five level design, The main structure is inside / outside conveyor net.

With the design of the exhaust hood, it can effectively exhaust hot smoke and reduce the leakage of steam.

If there have any ideas, please kindly share with us, we can also advise you for the equipment needed.

  • One level; three level; five level.
  • Steaming the noodles and finalizing the noodle shape.
  • Steam times: according to different products.
  • Using exhaust hoods to reduce steam leakage.
  • All product contact surface area is stainless steel or food grade material.
  • All product contact surface area is SUS304.

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Located in Taiwan since 1967, Kuo Chang Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a noodle making machine manufacturer. Its main noodle making machines include, Steamer, ramen noodle production lines, udon noodle production lines, instant noodle production lines, commercial fresh noodle makers, etc. For companies looking to improve their noodle production process, invest in durability, and ensure consistent quality, Kuo Chang stands out as a leading and trusted choice in the industry.

KCMC has more than 20 years of professional experience in noodle making machines. Allow customers to mass-produce commodities at the most economical cost to supply the market, creating maximum profit space for operators. Therefore, the noodle making equipment produced by KCMC is well recognized and used by well-known food manufacturers at home and abroad.

KCMC has been providing customers with high-quality and advanced noodle-making equipment since 1967, with both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, KCMC ensures that each customer's requirements are met.