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Water Cook and Wash Machine - Water Cook and Wash Machine.
  • Water Cook and Wash Machine - Water Cook and Wash Machine.
  • Water Cook and Wash Machine.
  • Water Cook and Wash Machine.

Water Cook and Wash Machine

The water cook and wash machine of Kuo Chang Machinery is a part in the whole production line of automatic cooked noodle, using indirect heating / automatic temperature control machine. The cooking speed, temperature and cooking time are easy to adjust and control, and the temperature inside the steamer is evenly distributed.

If there have any ideas, please kindly share with us, we can also advise you for the equipment needed.

  • Udon / R amen purpose.
  • The max cooking time up to 12 minutes.
  • Indirect heating / automatic temperature control.
  • Circulation system of the hot water temperature in the tank.
  • The number of cutting knives can be set (2 knives / 1 knives).
  • Three-level of cooling tank (two cooling systems can be added).
  • Washing device.
  • Sterilization piping.
  • Cold and heat separation design.
  • Capacity: 2,000 / 4,000 / 6,000 pcs/hour; (200g/pc)

Water Cook and Wash Machine | Robust Ramen Noodle Machines Manufacturer | KCMC

Located in Taiwan since 1967, Kuo Chang Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a noodle making machine manufacturer. Its main noodle making machines include, Water Cook and Wash Machine, ramen noodle production lines, udon noodle production lines, instant noodle production lines, commercial fresh noodle makers, etc. For companies looking to improve their noodle production process, invest in durability, and ensure consistent quality, Kuo Chang stands out as a leading and trusted choice in the industry.

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KCMC has been providing customers with high-quality and advanced noodle-making equipment since 1967, with both advanced technology and 20 years of experience, KCMC ensures that each customer's requirements are met.